7/3/17…Happy Independence Day…

Public Service announcement;  Midaswatch.com is going to down tools and take the summer off. Moving house (apartment, actually) has sapped my octogenarian time and energy. All this stuff! I can’t imagine what I was thinking – frankly, it seems I wasn’t – to accumulate all these books that I might read or consult someday, only to find that someday has come and gone and my job now is to find them a good home. Same with office supplies: filing materials, paper, notebooks, pens; I could open a Staples branch with what’s here. Anyway, God willing, see you in September.

As I trip out the door, one thought for the birthday of the once-great nation. Trump is in a perverse way doing us all a considerable public service. In one vulgar, ludicrous package he daily embodies all the very worst traits of America: ignorance and stupidity (not quite the same) , greed, a love of sharp-dealing, a tolerance amounting to a passion for bullshit, prejudice, exhibitionism, gluttony, insensitivity regarding anyone except himself, contempt for the rules, cruelty, an indecent disrespect for the opinions of mankind,  moral opacity, disdain for truth…you fill in the rest. When it comes to deficiencies of character, intellect and moral stability, I believe he represents what’s called “one-stop shopping.” And, of course, there’s the Big Giveaway, the question the man’s personality and behavior really begs: does this guy have any friends? Maybe Carl Icahn, who famously declared, “If you want a friend, get a dog.” Has Trump ever had a pet?