Away we go! http://dealbreaker.com/2017/05/mick-mulvaney-crazy-budget/?utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=52300472&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8VPJkIGUIOGw_OpMsc2QhnxZvYkAVFtLejhhoJiWeHExcIDPRNgpZGgl_qulnvS2YmSD9BLupHTHPZ68KRpXaneGOVAQ&_hsmi=52300472

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Michael Lind is thought by some to be controversial, but this account of the way things have gone strikes me as pretty realistic. A “corporate” oligarchy, whether investor- or board-supported, or state-sanctioned and empowered, has seized the controls and locked the entry to the engine room. https://americanaffairsjournal.org/2017/05/new-class-war/ 

Good stuff: https://thebaffler.com/salvos/outsmarted-perlstein How can one argue with a statement like this? “…even as we moderns spend enormous amounts of our conscious energy making evaluations about who is sophisticated and who is simple, who is well-bred and who is arriviste, and who is smart and who is dumb, these are entirely irrelevant to the only question that ends up mattering: who is decent and who is cruel.

This supports my amatur grasp of the tyranny of algorithms: https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-05-25/what-if-robots-did-the-hiring-at-fox-news

New Greek Deal Fails To Take Greece Into Account

Ya gotta love it. Watching the Golf Channel, at a commercial break they start with a VERY idealistic Cadillac commercial about how, as a itizens, we need to look out for one another. And then they dump two loudmouth pitches for a couple of NJ dealers, Toyota and Subaru respectively, that pretty well illustrated why we oughtn’t to look out for anyone!