“[Michael M.] Thomas has been writing Wall Street’s best novels of social commentary since 1980.”

The Wall Street Journal, May 2016

Critiques & Commentary

  • 2/15/18-2/23/18… - 2/15 Fascinating to watch President Dreckstuck (German, Der Trumpf's hereditary language, for "piece of s***") bob and weave around the Porter scandal and the Florida shooting. One would think that this double-dip endorsement-by-silence of wife-beating and selling ... Read more
  • 2/1-2/14/18…. - 2/1 You can say this for Der Trumpf: he always leaves you with something to think about. https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2018/02/international-economic-consequences-mr-trump.html There's something quite sad about this. Another once-shiny tile from the mosaic of the past falls off the wall ... Read more
Fixers by Michael M. Thomas



From a New York Times-bestselling novelist and longtime New York insider comes a riveting, suspenseful political thriller that imagines a high-level conspiracy between Wall Street and the President of the United States.