Lunker Punker G2 //

Lunker Punker G2 $ 19.99 - $ 39.99 From $ 19.99 $ 24.99. We've marketed the only high-powered and un-matched "Walk the Dog" action bait. The Punker G2 has a patented design that keeps the body working slowly across the surface mimicking a large bait fish. Youtube this bait and you will see how cool it. 26/07/2016 · MAIL CALL MONDAY! I get a lunker punker in the mail and go over it. Then pick up a solid fish off of my dock with it. The G2 Lunker punker made by Black Dog bait Co. is an awesome top water bait. It gets bit almost. 29/03/2012 · Trophy guide Matt Allen ofandshows the power of the Black Dog Baits Lunker Punker on aggressive bass in California. Some of them go completely airborne trying to catch up to it!

Price: During a lull in the mayhem my mind started wandering to warmer places and despite the 50 degree water temps I started digging through the lockers looking for a topwater. Wouldn’t you know it, down in the bottom under all the winter tackle I found a lunker punker. Without a doubt, the punker is my favorite early-spring topwater bait.

11/07/2009 · lunker punker wrote:biteme, Send it back to me and ill take care of it. I have revamped these majorly and they look much more pretty. I know the first run were a little rough here and there. I sincerely want you to be pleased with your bait. pm me your info and ill take care of this. Black Dog Baits Custom Lunker Punker Original Wood - Custom Colors. Handpainted by Jeremy Anderson himself, these Custom Black Dog Baits Lunker Punkers are limited in production and only available at Monster Fishing Tackle. Black Dog Baits Lunker Punker Original Wood Construction. Constructed from a buoyant wood material, the Black Dog Baits Lunker Punker is a topwater glide bait that possesses a large profile and an unmistakable action that big bass can't resist. Black Dog Wood Lunker Punker JR - $84.99 6.5 inch - 2.7 ounces. Colors: Rainbow Trout, Chartreuse shad. Lunker Punker G2 $ 19.99 - $ 39.99 From $ 19.99 $ 24.99 Sold Out Limited Custom Wood Billed Shell Cracker $ 124.99 Sold Out Sold Out Replacement Tail - Original and Billed wood Shellcracker $.

The Black Dog Lunker Punker is one of the best topwater swimbaits ever made. This is the original wood version which is the most desired. They are very difficult to get so when we order them, we get as many as we can and sell out every year. It works best with a.

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