“[Michael M.] Thomas has been writing Wall Street’s best novels of social commentary since 1980.”

The Wall Street Journal, May 2016

Critiques & Commentary

  • 2/24/17… - Remarked on everywhere is how Trump dominates our awareness of what's going on. It is striking, but not as remarkable as one might think, when you consider that among people who care passionately and vocally about ... Read more...
  • 2/23/17… - Start with this. I always thought that Isherwood was twice the critic Brantley is. http://www.vulture.com/2017/02/why-was-times-theater-critic-charles-isherwood-fired.html For the umpteenth time, students, if you're going to use Orwell to interpret Trump, the book for you isn't 1984, it's Animal Farm: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_Farm#Plot_summar Last ... Read more...
Fixers by Michael M. Thomas



From a New York Times-bestselling novelist and longtime New York insider comes a riveting, suspenseful political thriller that imagines a high-level conspiracy between Wall Street and the President of the United States.